Water filtration and filling line

Drinking water filling line is a set of filtration systems and collection tanks, and then pumping machines and sizes to be filled at high speed and packaging in order to be completely ready for sale The production line includes a filtration, filling and packaging system Made in Turkey
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1- Water treatment system with a capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour, Italian, German and Turkish specifications
2- PET ampoules inflating systems at a speed of 600 bottles per hour, a servo motor with a capacity of three furnaces, the size of the furnace is crni 304
3- Cup filling line 6000-26000 cups per hour
4- 6000 bottles per hour filling line
5- 1000 gallons per hour filling line
6- Labeling and packaging line
7- Full Automatic OPP Thermal Labeling Line 12000mph
8- Automatic washing line for all sizes compatible with the CİP . cleaning system
9- Vials closing and checking line


It is produced from scratch with the features desired by the customer