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Water filtration and filling line

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Drinking water filling line is a set of filtration systems and collection tanks, and then pumping machines and sizes to be filled at high speed and packaging in order to be completely ready for sale The production line includes a filtration, filling and packaging system Made in Turkey

plastic injection machine

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Plastic Injection Machines are also called injection presses. It is a machine used for the production of plastic products. Plastic injection machines consist of two main parts as injection unit and clamp/mold unit. Plastic Injection machines compress molds in horizontal or vertical position. Most of the machines on the market are horizontal, but vertical machines are used to manufacture large products that require high pressure. Some vertical machines do not require the formwork to be fixed. It commonly uses fixed screws or clamps to fix the molds of the injection molding machine, in plants that require a lot of mold changes, the molds are fixed with the help of magnetic clamps or by hydraulic method. The part where the product is in the mold is called the product compartment. Mold designers choose the output of this product as hot runner or cold runner. The cold runner is a simple duct carved into the mold. In such molds, the runner is cooled with the product and its output is provided. The hot runner system is a more complicated method. When the hot runner is produced, the runner part is kept warm even during the cooling phase of the product. After the product is removed without a runner, the plastic remaining as a hot runner is injected into the next process.

Dairy products and cheese production line

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desired capacity production line to produce all kinds of dairy products This line is produced from scratch with the desired specifications.

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